Expected project outcomes

Component A:
Revised policy and programmatic standards on cervical cancer screening, aligned to EU guidelines, and higher equitable access to screening services

Component B
Generate evidence to inform MoH policy on well-organized breast cancer screening

Component C
Adequate publicity of donor  and dissemination of project results

Component D
Ensures coordination of components A-C and accomplish objectives according to the project proposal. Evaluation of project outcome based on quality of training, screening planning and  implementation and quality of project deliverables



Estimated results

Results on 30.04.2017

Technical progress

1 feasibility study defined;

Feasibility study of screening for breast cancer is underway, the findings of which can be defined only at the completion of the project;

100 %

guidelines and procedures / software support for the implementation of the two organized screening programs –defined;

Guidelines and procedures for support / software implementation of two organized screening programs have been defined and are currently disseminated in the body of health professionals;

100 %

10000 PAP tests, 5000 mammographies.

Were carried out over 10000 PAP tests with app. 4% pozitive cases curently under management and 5000 mammograms with dual reading and arbitration with about 10% pozitive cases undergoing supplementary investigations;

100 %

100 %

30 persons trained for the management of cancer screening programs;

30 people have been trained to manage cancer screening programs;

100 %

2 reports on the distribution of chronic diseases;

2 reports on the distribution of chronic diseases are in progress and will only be available when the project ends;

100 %

800 participants in 2 project conferences;

Conference to launch the project in two parts involving a total of 398 people;

100 %

2 functional mobile units;

Both mobile units are fully functional and have made over 100 visits to Roma communities and other isolated / disadvantaged communities with the purpose of information and sampling tests

100 %

2 press conferences or other dissemination events.

It was held a press conference on the occasion of launching the project; was held a press conference in October 2015 in the Roma community from Pata Rit

100 %

2 consultation meetings with patient associations in the dissemination of the information.

Consultation meetings with patient associations in disseminating information are scheduled for the last 2 months of the project.

100 %

2000 HPV tests as a consequence of budget supplementation

We carried out 2000 HPV tests




Total project RO19.06:


100 %


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