Project purpose           Reduce disease burden associated with cancers amenable to early detection/down-staging through screening 

General Objective       Strengthened national capacity to implement well-organized and sustainable screening programs for cervical and breast cancer

Specific Objective 1   Cervical Cancer Screening program operating in line with the European guidance (Component A)  feasibility  of population-based, organized breast cancer screening (Component B) is investigated to inform program development

Specific Objective 2     Ensure adequate cross-cutting publicity of the project (Component C).

Expected outcomes

Component A (Organized cervical cancer screening program)
Revised policy and programmatic standards on cervical cancer screening, aligned to EU guidelines, and higher equitable access to screening services

Component B (Feasibility study on breast cancer screening program)
Generate evidence to inform MoH policy on well-organized breast cancer screening

Component C   (Publicity)
Adequate publicity of donor  and dissemination of project results

Component D (Project management)
Ensures coordination of components A-D and accomplish objectives according to the project proposal 


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